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Yerevan, Armenia

Welcome to Yerevan: The Enchanting Host City of PARCS 2024 Nestled against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Ararat, Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, welcomes attendees of PARCS 2024 with open arms. Known as the "Pink City" for the pink tinge of its historic buildings, Yerevan seamlessly blends ancient charm with a vibrant modern atmosphere.

Explore the city's rich cultural heritage through its museums, historical landmarks, and lively markets. As the conference venue, Yerevan offers not only a picturesque setting but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere for participants to engage in the latest discussions and innovations in plastic, aesthetics, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery. Immerse yourself in the unique allure of Yerevan, where tradition meets innovation against the stunning backdrop of Armenia's capital.

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Yerevan, Armenia
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